Improve Your Lash Retention

Why your lash retention sucks and why your mink lash strips aren’t lasting for more than a few wears.

You’re not cleansing your lashes. Lash artists  probably sound like a broken record by now, always telling clients to pick up a lash cleanser to cleanse their lashes. Lash cleansing is the holy grail to lash retention and cleanliness. Dirt and oil build-up break up the adhesive bond thus causing premature lash fall out. No, you cannot use a regular facial cleanser because most facial cleansers contain ingredients like oil and glycerin that aren’t suitable for lash extensions. Lash cleansers are specially formulated without ingredients that break up the lash bonding agent for lash extensions.

Secondly, you’re using skincare products that have oil or glycerin in them. This is the enemy for lash retention. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts water molecules to keep the skin or hair hydrated. When you use products contain to glycerin, they break up the adhesive bond causing your lashes to fall out. This is because glycerin is made from plant and animal fats which are oily in nature.

Do not use your skincare products that have oil in them around your eye area if you are wearing lash extensions. Start looking at your skincare ingredients and see how you can cater to extending your lash retention.

When you remove your lash strips and you don’t clean them, you’re leaving a lot of build-up which will cause the lash strip to become damaged. Remember that mink lashes are luxury and require some TLC. This means that after you gently remove the glue from the band, you should cleanse the lashes before storing them.

You can purchase our oil-free pH balanced rose flower lash cleanser here to cleanse your lashes. They are perfect for both lash extensions and mink lash strips, it’s a win win!


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