Eye Shape Guide

With so many lash styles it can be overwhelming trying to find your perfect lash. Although there are so many beautiful lashes, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would suit your eye shape. No worries ! We have the ultimate guide for helping you find your perfect lash for your eye shape.

Our lash recommendation: Khelani, Camilla, Miami, Chynah 


Our lash recommendationKhelani, Camilla, Miami, Mya, NikkiChynah 

Our lash recommendation: Khelani, Camilla, Lala, VegasMya, Nikki, Kylie

Our lash recommendationKhelaniCamillaMyaKylie, Chynah 

Our lash recommendation: Mya, Nikki, Miami, Chynah 

Our lash recommendationMya, Nikki, Miami, Chynah, KhelaniCamilla 

Our lash recommendationChynah, Mya, NikkiMiami

Our lash recommendations:

Khelani, CamillaMiami, Nikki, Lala, VegasMya, KylieChynah


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