I got my lash certification... now what?

Jenae Monae

Alright, so you've gotten your certification and you're probably thinking, what the do I do next? Let me tell you, when I got certified I said to myself, “what the hell did I sign up for?” I was soooooo lost and I had no idea where to begin. I wanted to quit before it started (LOL) I can laugh now but at the time, I wanted to cry. I then said to myself, girl if you don't BOSS UP and figure it out…. man oh man I am so glad I gave myself that pep talk and thanks to my bestie Nikki who gave me sound business advice (thanks boo!).

First things first you have to practice. I mean REALLY practice. Practice on your friends, family, get some models and practice on them as well. When I got my certification, the first thing I did was buy the main necessities a lash artist needs so that I could start practicing. My lash course came with a really great kit from Bella Lash so I did not have to worry about purchasing lashes, glue, glue remover and all of the other goodies. I went over to Amazon and ordered damn near all of my must haves (shout outs to Amazon!). Here is a list of must haves you will need:

A lash bed (massage table is fine as long as you can comfortably slide your legs underneath without discomfort)

Rolling Hydraulic Stool

Practice Mannequin

Ergonomic Pillow

Disposable examination sheets

Disposable Gloves 

KN95 face masks

Lash table to organize your tools

Hand Sanitizer

Glass Sterilizing Jar

PreEmpt CS20 Wipes 

PreEmpt CS20 Solution 

LED Ring Light/ Glamcor Light (whichever fits your budget)

Sterilizer Disinfection Box

Large Lash Mirror

Mini Lash Fan


Disposable Lint-Free Brushes

Disposable Eyelash Brushes

Nexcare Sensitive Tape


Selfie Light

Lash Kit Case

Portable Mini Speaker

Handheld Mirror 


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