How to make your strip lashes look like extensions.

How to make your strip lashes look like extensions.

If you’ve always wanted to get lash extensions but for whatever reason couldn’t get them, no need to worry we have the easiest hack to get your strip lashes to look like lash extensions ! 

How to get the lash extensions look: 

Step 1: Cut the lash strip into 2 or 3 pieces , whatever your preference.

Step 2: Keep the pieces of the lashes in the same order, or you can switch up the placement if you like.  

Step 3: Apply the glue along the lash line of each lash piece.

Step 4: Apply each of the lash pieces underneath your lashes, careful to not touch your waterline.

Step 5: Now you have strip lashes that look like lash extensions !

Watch our #jenaeangel April show us how she gets the lash extensions look with the Jenaë Lash “Invsi-band” hack:

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