Do Strip Lashes Ruin Your Eyelashes?

Do Strip Lashes Ruin Your Eyelashes?

Myth Debunked: No, the wrong application of strip lashes can ruin your natural lashes. Remember that correctly applying strip lashes means that the strip lashes will sit just above the natural lash line. When applied correctly, it does not interfere with your natural lashes, making it completely safe to wear. If you’re still on the fence about if strip lashes are actually safe, no worries we got your back, here’s a simple step-by step application:

 Apply your lashes correctly

  1. Measure the size of the strip lashes against your natural lashes.
  2. Some lashes like our 25mm Livvy lashes may need to be trimmed if they are too long. If your strip lashes are too long, trim the length from the outer corner. If trimming lashes aren’t your thing, that’s okay our Mya lashes are the perfect lashes for you to easily apply without trimming. Our 3D Natural Lash Collection is one of our best selling collections because it allows you to easily apply our lashes without having to measure and trim them.
  3. Apply your lash adhesive to the strip lash cotton band without drenching it in the adhesive.
  4. Wait about 10 seconds for the lash adhesive to get tacky before you apply the lashes.
  5. Place the strip lashes right above your lash line ensuring you do not glue the lashes to your natural lashes.
  6. When placing the strip lashes, start by applying them from the middle, then work your way towards the outer corner and lastly the inner corner of your eyes.
  7. Voila ! A safe and easy lash application.

 Watch our #jenaeangel April show you how to easily apply your lashes, featuring our 25mm Livvy lashes.


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